sketch of my dumb face plus the words inkshark, writes impossible things & paints what he shouldn't, naps at

// author (as cory skerry)

breathless in the deep
my dignity in scars
rendered down
sinking among lilies
sooner than gold
the world is cruel my daughter
& various printed anthologies

// comicker (as inkshark)

no keys comic (ending soon)
untitled goblin comic (beginning after no keys; behind-the-scenes preparation visible on patreon only)

// editor (as cory skerry)

developmental editing - hardcore clarion west & viable paradise skills applied to your manuscript
i lurk behind the scenes of
copy-edit & read for shimmer magazine
art director at nightmare magazine

// illustrator (as inkshark)

e-mail me about commissions; it's less expensive than you think
soon-ish there'll be a real collection of my work, but for now, some highlights from my sketchbook: