S.E.E.D. is dedicated to collecting firsthand accounts from witnesses of anomalous activity, even and especially in direct defiance of government suppression efforts. As we process reports & corroborating evidence, we will make the information available to the public via this page. If you have observed a "seed" landing or experienced subsequent anomalies, please consider contributing to S.E.E.D. Without public participation, we will never achieve transparency or scientific progress regarding these seemingly related global occurrences.


You may be confused if you reside in one of twenty-six nations in which the governments have so far succeeded in suppressing public knowledge. In January 2015, reports began to circulate all over the globe of objects that resembled "falling stars" plummeting to the ground in random locations. Further investigation revealed a dismaying variety of circumstances, but the most common include either:

1) A variety of phosphorescent plants previously unknown to botanists, rooted in a slight depression in the earth. Every specimen recovered so far was unfortunately mutilated, so that what might have been a single blossom/fruit at the top was freshly torn/bitten off.

2) An empty hole in the ground the size of a housecat.

In the wake of a seed landing, locals have described anomalous experiences. Many of these accounts include terran flora and fauna which appear to have been irrevocably altered by exposure to the seed. Affected organisms are often apatetic in nature and may, for several minutes or even hours, seem normal, but eventually their behavior, appearance, scent, noises, and/or abilities illustrate a marked difference from specimens traditionally collected from that locale. Other organisms are immediately recognizable as mutations or perhaps even as extraterrestrial life.

While the data is limited by government interference as well as a reticence amongst witnesses, high profile astrophysicists and astrobotanists (who have asked to remain unnamed) have asserted that it is doubtful these phenomena originate within our own solar system.

To participate:

1) Send the three words that most accurately describe the anomaly you encountered to plunderseed at plunderpuss dot net. If you have more than one encounter, choose three words for each. (If you have two encounters, you will send six words.)

2) Select the quantity of reports you made and pay the nominal processing fee via PayPal. You may also send a personal check, money order, or if you want to risk it, cash to "plunderpuss, PO Box 5771, 98227."
Seed reports:

Be sure to provide a shipping address so S.E.E.D. can examine our current collection for evidence that matches your experience and mail you everything we know.* For non-U.S. addresses, an extra fee will apply for shipping a package. Any participant can choose to receive their response by e-mail.

Because of government persecution, we may be delayed in sending responses* until May 01, 2015, but we will do our best to start returning data before then. Data will show up on the website after it has been shipped to the witness. If at any time you are concerned about the progress of your response, e-mail plunderseed at plunderpuss dot net for an update.

As a shadow organization with no fatcat funding or government subsidies, our resources are limited. If and when we exceed our capacity for cross-referencing and research, we will reluctantly stop accepting data submissions...for awhile.

* Responses will include a 5"x7" original colored sketch of the described anomaly (pen and ink/watercolor on quality paper) and all warnings or other notations from the S.E.E.D. files.

carnival / glitter / kitten


"For God's sake stop trying to pet this one! However 'cute' you might think it may be, its opalescent qualities are attributed to the chitinous, hypodermic spines approximating its 'fur.' Once released, they spread everywhere."
- Dr. Treadwell

vulpine / icky / elastic


"We intercepted a call about a 'diseased fox' from an animal control officer. Upon arrival, the interior of his van was covered in brackish residue, and there were no animals in cages despite pickup records found in the front seat. The officer remains unaccounted for."
- Private R. Delgado

aquatic / hirsute / jazzy


"I thought it was my dog until i felt the tendrils. It acts like my dog. Now I put her in the barn when people come so no one will get scared and hurt her."
- Anatoly V.

cannibalistic / sparkly / whispering


"I tell them neighbor kids to stay away from the old barn all the damn time and they never listen, so when I heard talking in there even after I warned 'em I thought, 'Hell, let's give 'em a scare!' and I locked the door. The talking turned to...uh...screaming. Then it got real quiet. Then the talking started again, only with...less voices. I still ain't unlocked that barn."

petite / photoluminescent / t-rex

(Research assistants are still compiling data for this seed.)

iridescent / circumfusile / esemplastic

"Don't believe the 'news' reports! It's not a new style of graffiti or someone trying be the next Banksy! That's not -paint-, ok? Something is out there and it is changing things on a molecular level. It is not 'garbage art' or a statement. Something is melting things all over town."
- ThreeZed, Redditor 

latitant / insufflated / maculated

(Research assistants are still compiling data for this seed.)


polypodic / eudiplural / necrolith

(Research assistants are still compiling data for this seed.)


basipetal / excrescence

(Research assistants are still compiling data for this seed.)


obsidian / saurian / luciferous


(Research assistants are still compiling data for this seed.)

violet / avian / creeping

(Research assistants are still compiling data for this seed.)


dense / lyrical / clowns

(Research assistants are still compiling data for this seed.)


creeping / purple / starfield


(Research assistants are still compiling data for this seed.)


crepuscular / vein / dissonance


(Research assistants are still compiling data for this seed.)


slashy / scaley / viridian

(Research assistants are still compiling data for this seed.)



More cases expected soon. Check back for updates.


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