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At the moment, i am on a sabbatical! I’ve left this page up for posterity.

I’m taking some time off to focus on developing better drawing and painting skills. If you’re a previous client, feel free to email me–i’ve saved some time in my schedule!–but i can’t take new clients at the moment. I expect to be back to a regular schedule in early 2024

If you need an editor and you aren’t sure where else to look, i am happy to connect you with another fiction editor who has a sharp mind but not a sharp tongue. ❥ Email with any questions!

how can i help you & your book?

Developmental editing is a way to make the anatomy of your manuscript stronger before you start fixing typos.

Are you pursuing better reviews for your indie projects? Trying to snag an agent? Interested in the kind of analysis & feedback that will grow your skillset? With a background in traditional publishing on both sides of the proverbial gate, i’ve been able to do these and more for other authors since 2014.  Don’t take my word for it…


Henry Lien

"Cory has a deep understanding of genre and tropes. He uses this to help writers orient what they're creating in the larger landscape of what's come before and what's happening now, and sculpt their works in more personal and unique directions."

- HENRY LIEN, author of Peasprout Chen, Future Legend of Skate and Sword

L.D. Colter

"I would highly recommend Cory's fiction editing services for copy editing, developmental editing or both... His advice and comments helped shape my award-winning first published novel."

- L.D. COLTER, author of A Borrowed Hell, 2018 Colorado Book Award for Science Fiction/Fantasy

John Yarrow

"Cory did a developmental edit for my novel. Working together, we were able to streamline my story, making it much more cohesive and marketable. I learned so much about my writing from it. I often compare it to having a personalized college course on my work... I will definitely be working with him again."

- JOHN YARROW, author of The Future's Dark Past, Cygnus Sci-fi 2017 Contest Winner

Daniel J. Heck

"He addressed weaknesses and enlightened me with period-appropriate details, while also being sure to point out which areas worked well and could even be taken further along the same roads, such as world-building and choice development. In addition to possessing superior vision for story and conflict composition, Cory ... helped me see the bigger picture in ways I never could have on my own... I would recommend his services to any aspiring writer!"

- DANIEL J. HECK, author of Seal of Thomerion and Gate to Thomerion

Sarah M. Morin

"Cory has been like my editing guardian angel, always giving advice that helps me turn my story into exactly what I wanted it to be, even when I didn't quite know how to do it myself. It's like he gets my story just as much as I do. I'm definitely going to be working with him as long as I keep writing."

- SARAH M. MORIN, author of The Seven Strings

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so how does this work?


send me the MANUSCRIPT


I’ll take a look, estimate how long it will take me to do the work, and calculate the cost and give you a deadline. If you agree and everything looks good, i’ll send you a contract and you can…


i’m excited to get started!

One of the novels i worked on won the Colorado Book Award, and a few have won other smaller awards. Do you have any idea how much i want yours to win stuff? 

Every five star review and every nomination for a book that went over my desk gives me the jumping happies!

i send you an editorial letter

typically 2,000 – 5,000 words

This will highlight opportunities that may include but won’t be limited to: how to deepen characterization, strengthen the plot, expand world-building, heighten tension and/or suspense, anticipate and guide the reader’s realizations, and make the ending feel more epic & satisfying.

you ask me some questions!

phone or internet, your choice!

Included in the fee we agreed upon, i’ll spend an hour clarifying anything you didn’t understand. 

I’ve never had a client use the full hour, though, except to chat about other writing-related stuff 🙂

what kind of editor am i?

  • I ask a lot of questions–questions i know readers will ask. I often rate them for how important they are to answer, because while answering everything makes a story flat, answering just enough makes it satisfying 
  • My best work is done with upmarket and commercial fiction 
  • I work in both traditional publishing and with indie authors. The route you take to sharing your stories with other people should be the best one for you and this particular manuscript
  • I usually hear some variation of, “I am excited to work on this now.” Some of my editor friends refer to me as a “book cheerleader,” and that excitement is contagious!